EFFECTIVE _ JANUARY 10th, 2018. Please Read.

We have decided to close down our current Reward Programs and will be launching a new program to earn rewards, discounts and other great incentives.  This new program and options will be available and announced soon.

If you currently have Points in your Rewards Account, we will be emailing you a Gift Card for the amount that matches your point total.

Should you have enough current points, you will be able to use this Gift Card for up to one year from now. This Gift Card can be used on any order amount and in conjunction with any active, single discount code.

Keep an eye out for this Gift Card email, as it will be sent to your email (if you have enough points) by January 11th, 2018.

Again, a new program will be launched soon to earn discounts and rewards, but for now we are closing our current program because it simply does not offer the complete features we would like to have and we are excited to bring you a better, more robust option.

If you have any questions, send us an email to:  info@loversarelunatics.com  or contact us through the Chat Button on the bottom right of our website.

Thanks for the Madlove! 

Jeff Henry / Co-Owner and Designer of Lovers Are Lunatics