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    Please take a moment to read below before sending us an email. 

    If your question it is related to an existing order, we kindly ask you read the information below and visit our FAQ page to see if that helps to answer your question first.  As a very small company, with a grand total of 2 individuals running every aspect, we do our best to get back to emails and messages regarding orders, but we are not always available for an immediate response. This is not because we do not care or are ignoring you, quite the opposite in fact, we promise. We work extremely long hours every day, but even with that we can still have days where we get consumed. 

    If you have already or do send an email and we do not get back to you right away, do not fret, we will and you will receive updates on orders shipping out or anything else as soon as that information is available. As soon as orders are packaged and label is created, our system automatically will send you an email update with that information. 

    Important things to know regarding our Production and Shipping turnaround time 

    Please know all our items are made to order, so please allow some time for them to be made before they ship out. Generally this process takes around 1 to 2 weeks, but can be faster or sometimes longer. Not to worry though, we will contact you as soon as your order is finished and officially shipped out.

    If your order has not shipped out yet, please do not be concerned, that simply means we are still in the process of making it for you and we promise we will contact you as soon as it is finished and shipped out.

    Even though we are a small company, we have successfully made and delivered tens of thousands of packages to customers all over the world since we launched 3 years ago. The same will be the case for your order, we promise. The gear rocks and we look forward to getting it your way as soon as possible!


    Please take a few minutes to review our FAQ page at the link below. If it is urgent, you can of course email us and we will get back to your message as soon as we can. We again thank you for your support of Lovers Are Lunatics!